I promise I'll get back to session sneak peeks next week. After flu germs, remodeling that has taken longer than expected, an eleven year old's bedroom residing in my living room and kids home from school due to snow days tracking in wet snow on my off-white carpets, I'm looking foward to getting back to normal with some fun sessions next week.


 To help me get through these more trying times of my life (I know they're really not that trying in the grand scheme of things. Humor me.), this new year I've decided to embrace my vices, not my resolutions.  We all have vices that help us get through day to day struggles. I think my main vice is fairly reasonable. It's not alcohol. Not cigarettes. It's not eating (well, maybe a little). It's an ice cold Diet Cherry Coke over a glass of crushed ice. There's nothing better than a DTC to make my day just a bit more tolerable.  Instead of failing at my New Year's resolutions this month, I think I'll drink another. 


When Blue Monday rolls around on January 24th, and everyone else is struggling with failing at their New Year's resolution, the crappy winter weather and their overspending from Christmas, I'll be be embracing my demons and and drinking another Diet Cherry Coke or three.  Happy New Year!



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