The image isn't too flattering but it wouldn't be right to post without a picture. I'm so proud of my daughter for completing her first 5K with me. Well, it wasn't actually WITH me. The school held a 5K fundraiser race last week for students and adults. I told myself I would be able to take it easy because my daughter would be with me. I assured her it was okay if she would rather do the race with her friends, but she hung back and said she wanted to stay with me. As soon as the whistle blew to start the race she darted off and I never saw her again. My plan was to mostly walk the race with a little jogging - downhill only, of course.  I hadn't prepared much before the race and I wanted to be able to walk the next day.  I finished the run/walk in 50 minutes.  When I crossed the finish line, my daughter was sitting there with her friends waiting for me.  My little baby jogged almost the entire race and finished in 37 minutes!  I was a proud mama.  Since the race we try to walk three to four miles a day.  She's even got me jogging about half of the way by running ahead of me and taunting me with Twinkies if I make it to the top of the hill.  Motivation at it's finest.  I see another 5K in the future for my new exercise partner.  Maybe next time I'll be able to keep up with her a little better.  If not, there's always a box a Twinkies to console me.