Hello Monday! It's a whole new week full of dinners to prepare. I thought I would get this week started off right with a real plan for our meals instead of pulling out the quickest thing I can defrost or stick in the oven when I'm finally tired of hearing the kids complain because they are hungry each evening. (Mom of the Year, I know.)  I used to be so good at my monthly dinner menus and I've gotten away from them this year. It's time to get organized again.

  MONDAY Grilled Ham Steak Pasta Salad TUESDAY Marinated Chicken Kabobs with tomatoes, mushrooms & pineapple Strawberry Mini Muffins WEDNESDAY Cresent BLT Sandwiches Cottage Cheese Watermelon THURSDAY Beef Enchiladas Mexican Rice FRIDAY Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread Antipasto Salad

SATURDAY Dinner Out / Leftovers 

SUNDAY Chicken Fried Steak Mashed Potatoes Grilled Apple Dumplings

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