It's spring and I've been spending my time out in the yard weeding, planting, painting and pruning. That means I've taken a tiny bit of time off from sessions to get some stuff done around that house that was well overdue. Since I like to post on my blog several times a week to keep things fresh, I thought I would start a few new features that I can fill in with from time to time. I don't know about you, but I love to read blogs where the writer shows peeks into their home and/or closet. When I get my house in better order, I will share images in and around my home. Today, I'm going to give you a few peeks into my closet. While I would rather there was a different model to show off my clothes and accessories, you are stuck with self-timer shots of me. This is what I'm wearing today.  I don't have to dress up for my day job so this is what I get to wear to the office.  I look like a giant dork in hats, but today I didn't care.  I actually made this hat...sort of.  I purchased the black hat from Hobby Lobby for $3.99 and the cross appliques for $2.29.  Viola, a cute little hat for under $7.00.  The black shirt is from I purchased it at Holiday Mart last fall. It's perfect to wear to my daughter's volleyball games.  It's a little chilly today so I threw a white burn-out shirt from Kohl's underneath. The funky bracelet is also from Kohl's.  I picked it up a few weeks ago.  The jeans are Silver brand.  Here's my tip of the day.  Instead of purchasing Silver jeans from Buckle for $70 to $100, I wait until I get a 40% coupon in the mail from Maurice's to buy them. Finally, the flip flops are from Old Navy. There you have it. A peek into my closet without seeing all the dirty clothes that need to be washed and folded. I hope you like this new feature. On the days that I actually apply make-up and fix my hair, I will try to share my outfit. I'll get back to the session sneak peeks next week. Hope you're getting through Friday the 13th without any major catastrophes.  Have a great weekend!


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