This week's WIMCW post probably should never have happened. But, since Wednesday is my highest read blog day, I'm keeping the clothes post going. My outfits this week are the total opposite of what The Pleated Poppy had in mind when she started What I Wore Wednesday on her blog. She did it to inspire women to get out of their sweats, make themselves up and feel better about themselves. I kind of missed the mark this week. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. The first outfit is what you get when you get asked to celebrate your sisters birthday for a few hours, you end up driving everyone home at 2:00am and then you turn around and get up at 6:00am to drive your daughter to a volleyball tournament in the neighboring state.  There was no feeling good about the way I looked that day.  My only goal was to make it through the day and get back home ASAP to take a nap. Your photo tip of the day: this picture is proof you should NEVER photograph a person straight on unless you intentionally want to add 10 pounds. Hat and Sweatshirt - Invasion Volleyball / Jeans - Silver from Maurices This was a beautiful 80 degree work from home day. Since I didn't have to leave my house that day, I chose an outfit from last summer, didn't straighten my hair and "accidentally forgot" to put on make-up. Hence the side shot. Shirt and Capris - Target I SO need to do some spring clothes shopping to get me out of my wardrobe funk. I think my sister owes it to me to go shopping with me for keeping me out so late over the weekend.


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