This week's WIMCW could be brought to you by Old Navy.  But darn it, instead of them paying me, I paid them.  I do have an awesome blog sponsor that made our Thirty-One bag giveaway possible.  Be sure to enter to win!

This first outfit what what I wore to a photo session.  The evening light is so pretty!

The shirt was a $6 clearance purchase.  Isn't it cute? Shirt - Old Navy / Shorts - Maurices / Tennis Shoes - Reebok


These images were taken in the middle of the day.  See how the light is bright and harsh?  Not near as pretty as the the evening light.  It did crazy things with the shadows on my face.  I look way freaky in the image on the right.  This is why I tend to stay away from afternoon sessions - so my clients don't look freaky aliens like me.  You're welcome. Shirt - Old Navy / Cami - Maurices / Shorts - Old Navy / Leopard Flip Flops - Reef / Earrings & Bracelet - Old Navy  

Better lighthing here but a prime example why you don't shoot adults head on. Can you say, "WIDE LOAD"?  Not so attractive. Tank top - Old Navy / Shorts - American Eagle / Leopard Flip Flops - Reef / Bracelets - Maurices / Earrings - Charming Charlie Linking up with The Pleated Poppy again this week.