This week we will visit the very back of my closet. You know, those items that rarely get worn, have been worn too many times and those that probably shouldn't be worn anymore.  Let me give you examples of all three scenarios. First we have this sweater that I have only worn a handful of times.  It's a bit too big.  I opted for a large over a medium so the tie would fit *ahem* under my chest instead of right across the middle of my chest.  While the large somewhat fits in the chest, the neck is too big and falls down too far in front.  I opted to give the sweater a second chance because I really wanted to wear my brown boots and had to find something to pair with them.  Sweater - Aeropostale / Long sleeve shirt - Old Navy / Skinny Jeans - American Eagle / Belt - American Eagle / Boots - Kohl's / Ring - Charming Charlies Next we have this outfit that I've probably worn too many times. It's old and faded but I still like it's bright colors and comfortable fit.  Shirt - Maurices / Tank Top - Old Navy / Scarf - Maurices / Jeans - American Eagle / Tennis Shoes - Nike / Necklace - Holiday Mart / Hair Flower - Me Finally, the outfit I probably shouldn't wear anymore at all. I know, I'm on the back end of my "young" years. This outfit probably should have been phased out in the middle of those years. It's just so comfortable, I can't part with it.  It's also obvious here that I have phased out swimsuits in my later years as evidenced by my pastey white legs.  Sweatshirt, Fitted Shirt and Pants - Aeropostale / Tennis Shoes - Nike As always, don't forget to visit the Pleated Poppy blog for more "mom" fashion.


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