Ya'll are not going to believe this. I took pictures of my outfits EVERY DAY this  past week.  I'm an overachiever like that...this week.  In fear that I'm going to fall off the wagon and not get any outfit pictures at all one week, so I'm going to save a few for a rainy day. This weekly outfit posting really does urge me to get out of the sweats and t-shirts and try more things in my closet.   This was a "running errands" outfit.  It's an old outfit and I'm not too fond of the sweater, but it serves it's purpose.  I need to make a cute fabric flower to pin on with this outfit.  It's on my "to do" list at number 267.  I may get to it sometime within the next two years, if I'm lucky.  Sweater - Maurices / Long sleeve shirt - Old Navy / Jeans - The Buckle / Belt - American Eagle / Boots - ancient from Charlotte Russe / Watch - gift from my sister / Earrings - The Buckle / Sunglasses - Kohl's No laughing.  I support my home teams no matter how they play.  This was my "Sunday grocery shopping, volleyball meeting, family photo shoot, cleaning house" outfit.  I was comfortable AND had a good hair day.  Bonus!  Chiefs shirt - Dick's Sporting Goods / White burn-out shirt - Kohl's / Pants - Dick's Sporting Goods / Tennis Shoes - Nike from Foot Locker / Watch - my daughter's from Sparkle One more outfit to share this week. I had to show you my new boots. I kept seeing everyone's cute boots on What I Wore Wednesdays over at The Pleated Poppy and I couldn't be left out. I have several pair of boots with heels so this was a departure for me. They are very comfortable and I swear they make my legs look skinnier. Double bonus! I would have had a close-up picture of them, but as my daughter was bending down to take the picture, our dog put her paw up for her to shake and scratched her face.  Tears ensued and there was no chance of any more pictures. Maybe next time.  Plaid shirt - ancient from Kohl's / Off-white shirt - Maurices / Skinny jeans - American Eagle / Boots - Kohl's / Necklace - The Buckle.


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