I'm late to the party this week. I thought things were supposed to slow down after the holidays!  Better late than never is usually my motto so here goes this week's What's In My Closet Wednesday (otherwise known as What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy). I really want to look stylish in hats but I just don't have the face for them. Still, I keep finding cute hats, buying them and wearing them in hopes that one day they will look cute on me.  This was the "cram all of the kids' doctor appointments in over the break so they don't have to miss school" and then run to volleyball practice day. Burn-out shirt - Maurices / Black tank top - Gap Outlet / Scarf - Maurices / Jeans - Silver from Maurices / Boots - Two Chic Blvd. / Hat - The Buckle / Bling cuff - Kohl's / Watch - The Buckle / Earrings - can't remember / Extra 5 pounds - eating non-stop from Thanksgiving to Christmas This is an outfit that was better left IN the closet. I've had this shirt for several years and have only worn it once or twice. It's too short to wear with leggings, too flow-y to wear with regular jeans and I'm too chunky to wear with skinny jeans. I couldn't find anything else to wear so I gave it another try on New Year's Eve.  Hubby reminded me halfway through the evening I should just give up on the shirt.  I've now relegated it to wearing at home only with comfy leggings.  It's my way of making him suffer for his comment.

Shirt - Charlotte Russe / Black cami - Kohl's / Jeans - Silver from Maurices / Sequin flats - Kohl's / Necklace - free from Charlotte Russe I ran around so many places over the holiday break that I have several other outfits photographed but I have a little vacay coming up so I have to stock up a few outfits to share while I'm gone. :-)