Wednesday = me forcing my kids to take pictures of me and my clothes hoping that they will happen to get at least one shot in focus. Because, really, they try to get them all out of focus just to spite me for making them take 5 minutes out of their day to take my picture. Child labor at it's finest. As always, I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy. I can't believe I'm still able to get pictures outside in the middle of January and not freeze to death.  It's been unusually warm so I've traded my boots for flats.

Shirt, black burn-out shirt, scarf & Silver jeans - Maurices / Flats - Kohl's / Headband - Icing / Watch - The Buckle Just keeping in real here.  Some days are meant for swishy pants and sweatshirts.  This was a Sunday taking our daughter to volleyball practice.  It was the perfect day for dressing down.  To compensate, I added a little curl to my hair. MU Sweatshirt - Kohl's / Pants - Dick's Sporting Goods / Nike's - Footlocker This was a 70 degree January day.  Did I mention I LOVE this winter weather? Shirt - JC Penney / Sweater - Kohl's / Jeans - Silver from Maurices / Sequin flats - Kohl's / Sequin headband - Icing / Earrings - Kohl's Momma Go Round