It doesn't matter how well I have my day planned out, something unexpected is going to happen and I will be behind for the rest of the day. Everyday. At least I was able to get a blog post up today. The bad part, it's only pictures of me. Sorry! Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, I thought it was appropriate to share my outfit.  Remember back in the day when the $5 holiday shirt from Old Navy was the rage?  Well, I've gotten my $5 worth because I'm STILL wearing the shirt each Valentine's Day. "Be Mine" Shirt - Old Navy / White burnout shirt - Kohl's /Jeans - Silver from Maurices / Socks - door prize I won years ago / Heart earrings and bracelet - gift from my parents - again - years ago. This outfit is what I wore a few days prior to a Valentine's dance with a western theme.  I knew I had the perfect boots for the occasion and a great bling belt.  The problem:  the boots were black and the belt was brown.  I wanted to show off the boots so I wanted to wear a dress instead of jeans.  I had this dress in my closet with the tags still on it from last summer.  It matched the belt perfectly.  To tie in the boots I added a black cami and my western outfit was complete. Dress - Charlotte Russe / Cami - Kohl's / Belt - online somewhere / Boots - Two Chic Blvd / Ring & Earrings - Kohl's A little later in the evening I was crowned the Valentine's queen and I added this cute tiara to my outfit. I think it tied in well with the bling belt, don't you?  Being the photographer that I am, I didn't have a camera with me, so no pictures of me in the crown until they show up on Facebook from someone that actually attended with a camera. We'll finish off this week's WIMCW post with this interesting outfit. I can't say I liked it but it's what I found to throw on one morning when I was running late for work.  I had the scarf but had never worn it.  I had the sweater and had only worn it once.  Not sure why I chose to pair the two together, but I did.  Top that off with fly-away hairs, glasses and lack of much make-up and it was a bit scary. Sweater - Target / Shirt - Old Navy /Jeans - Silver from the Buckle / Belt - American Eagle / Boots - Charlotte Russe / Scarf - Icing I'm linking up again at the Pleated Poppy even though I'm late posting this week.


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