**Hanging my head in shame**One, that I only have one measly outfit to share with you this week. Two, that I forgot to take a picture of that one outfit the day I wore it so I had to put it on again last night and force my kids to take a few quick pictures just so I had an outfit to share with you this week. Only on Halloween (I hope) will you find one dressed in a bright orange shirt with a glittery spider sprawled across their chest along with matching orange socks with sparkly spider webs. Hey, you can't say I wasn't festive. Give me a break, I only wear this outfit once a year. Halloween top - Old Navy several years ago / Black burnout shirt - Maurices / Jeans - American Eagle / Socks - Wal-Mart / Flats - Kohl's / Ring - made by my sister I WILL do better next week. Don't forget to check out The Pleated Poppy.

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