This is just a little funny about why photographers always say, "the bigger the print the better". It's not that photographers make more money on the larger prints. Typically, it's actually the opposite. The larger the print, the more it costs to produce. It's much easier to make a profit off of smaller prints than the larger wall prints. If you've been a customer of ChristyB and you've seen our Product Guide, you'll notice we have pricing for "Desk Prints" which is anything 8x10 and smaller and "Wall Prints" which consists of sizes 11x14 and larger.  No, I don't consider an 8x10 print a "Wall Print" unless you are using it in a grouping with other prints.  Really, an 11x14 is barely a wall print, if you ask me.  Below you can see examples of larger prints and what they actually look like when placed in a typical living room environment.  So, don't be afraid of those large prints!  They won't look like a giant poster on the wall.  They will look like a beautiful piece of well-proportioned artwork that compliments your decor. Thank you to ReverieMine for allowing me to share this image.