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We often get asked if we are accepting senior reps.  At ChristyB,  ALL of our senior clients are extra special, not just a select few.  That is why we don't have senior reps, per say.  We want all of our clients to have the perks of a senior influencer (model).  We firmly believe if we give our clients an amazing experience to remember, they will WANT to talk about us.  

Every ChristyB senior has the opportunity to get paid $20 cash for each senior they refer during their senior year.  Being a ChristyB senior provides  the opportunity to make new friends from other schools, as well.   All ChristyB seniors are invited to participate in fun themed photoshoots throughout the year, if they wish.  Once a month we hold low-key events just for our seniors  to have some fun such as Sunday dinners, pumpkin carving, a Christmas party, coffee dates, etc. This gives the students a chance to relax and mingle with people outside of their normal crowd and, again, make awesome memories.  ChristyB makes it a point to attend school sports and events to capture our seniors in action, as well.  Again, it’s all about making our ChristyB seniors feel special and appreciated.  We also offer the opportunity for professional photos  of our seniors and their friends before homecoming and prom dances.  WE LOVE OUR SENIORS!  The entire goal is to help you celebrate your accomplishments and this amazing time in your life while giving you the ultimate portrait experience.

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